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Sherry LeVota MS OTR/L
Owner of Beyond Function

Sherry is a board-certified occupational therapist who has worked with Kansas City children and families in many settings including early intervention, public and private shools and outpatient clinics. Sherry is passionate about child and family centered care. She pursued ocupational therapy as a career after experienceing parentood as a "medical mom" herself. Sherry Is passionate about feeding and has received extensive training in tethered oral tissues or "TOTs", as they impact early motor development and feeding. G-tube weaning is another passion of Sherry's. If your child has a feeding tube and your goal is to increase oral feeding enough to decrease or eliminate the need for the feeding tube, Sherry can work with you to develop your "dream team" that will help you and your child accomplish this goal by creating an individualized assessment and plan that incorporates all areas of development.

“I love working at Beyond Function because it is a dream come true. I cherish connecting with parents on a personal level, honoring the fact they are their child's first teacher and the ultimate expert when it comes to their child."